Microsoft Cut Surface Pro Tablet Price by 100 Dollars

Surface Pro tabletMicrosoft announced that it cut $100 of the price of the most expensive version of the Surface Pro tablet, shortly after the publication of disappointing financial results.

The price of the Surface Pro tablet with 128 GB storage capacity starts at $899 now. The cheapest model has undergone a drop in price a few weeks ago, from $500 to $350. Both 64 GB and 128 GB tablet models will see a price drop.

In mid-July Microsoft has released financial results for the second quarter, disappointing the market with revenues of only $853 million from the sales of tablets. For comparison, the market leader, Apple, has earned revenues of $25 billion in the same period.

American media speculated on the topic of cheaper tablets, sensing either the effect of weak earnings or a new generation of Microsoft tablets that are about to be launched.

Microsoft said that it cut the price for the Surface Pro tablet after a successful promotional campaign for the Surface RT tablets:

“We’ve been seeing great worldwide success with Surface RT pricing and keyboard-cover promotions over the past several months and are proud to offer Surface Pro at more affordable prices starting today.”

Technical analysts expect a Surface 2 tablet with a Haswell CPU, however, Microsoft has tested tablets with Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm. Microsoft is also working on new Surface accessories, including a keyboard that comes with a battery.




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